2013 “Restoration” Russian River Chardonnay

Straight from the Russian River region of Sonoma, this crisp, fruit-forward, lightly oaked, complex Chardonnay offers hints of vanilla, butter and apricot with a silkymouth, clean finish.

Visually it possess light straw color, with stunning clarity. On the nose, this wine leans more towards the old world in style. It has a mid-pallet with just enough opulence, but driven with bright acidity and clean mouthfeel. When served at the proper room temperature, the new world wine lover will get the unctuous mouthfeel they desire, while the Burgundian fan will draw that Granny Smith green apple profile they are looking for.

Pairing Suggestions: Enjoy with lobster or any shellfish. Pairs especially well with spicy fare.

Price: $35/bottle