Great Wines Start in the Vineyard

By maintaining and farming small block vineyards, we are able control the variables in the vineyard and allow our wines to express the distinct characteristics of the region. Spotlighting the great mountain districts of the Napa Valley as our grape source, allows the final products to expose the true, bold, tannin-structured wines that Hailstone Vineyards creates.

Excellence Since 2013

Hailstone Vineyards is about the atmosphere wine creates friendship, sophistication, and good conversation over wine and weather. Our focus is on producing small lots of premium wine from varying regions of the valley.

The Team

Our team knows the land and the fruit. No fruit is picked until we taste it and during fermentation each tank and barrel lot is tasted at least once per day.

Founder & Owner

Chris Zazo

A native of the Midwest, Chris has long had a passion for food, wine and the weather. Growing up on a farm that specialized in blending topsoils, coupled with his background as a Chef, Chris understands the inextricable link between the earth, elements, and what it provides. In fact, it was the weather that helped his company, Dallas-based Aspenmark Roofing and Solar, experience tremendous growth over the past 10 years. In 2012 and 2013, Aspenmark was tapped by Inc, 500 as one of the fastest growing businesses in America.

For years Chris has wanted to pay homage to what has helped him achieve personal and professional success, with weather the driving force between Aspenmark and Hailstone Vineyards. Hailstone Vineyards is the realization of that dream. Chris is finally combining his two passions, bringing the same attention to quality and craftsmanship in the wines produced by Hailstone that made Aspenmark a benchmark brand in the roofing business.

Outside of Hailstone, Chris works with his charitable foundation, Roof Angels, to help those in need keep a sound roof over their head. In his personal time he is also an avid traveler, golfer, skier, and cook. Hailstone Vineyards is about the atmosphere wine creates: friendship, sophistication, and good conversation. Do your weather dance!


Chad Alexander

Chad Alexander first entered the wine business in 1985 working for Head winemaker Randle Johnson at Mt. Veeder’s Hess Collection Winery. After 8 years of working with mountain fruit, he decided to expand his skills and worked in various winery cellars throughout Napa Valley. He studied Geology in college to expand his knowledge of soil science and how it correlates with planting vineyards. This has helped him understand rootstock selections, water retention, and other aspects related to proper vineyard design.

Winemaking Philosophy:
Let the wine showcase the vineyard and terroir. Hillside vineyards produce small berries when compared to the valley floor, in return, the juice to skin ratio is much different as well. I always want the fruit to be out in front of the tannins in order to produce a well integrated, balanced wine. Thus, tannin management is crucial during fermentation. The depth and concentration of flavors from Hailstone Vineyards is very exciting to work with!

The Approach

To produce seamless, fruit driven wines that will reveal the unique aspects of the terroirs from which they are derived . Our goal is to produce wines that are very pleasant at an early stage of the bottle life, but with the integrity to age beautifully.